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Saturday, August 22, 2009

together gether...

Date:20hb AuGusT 09
Time:5.30 pm -10.00 pm
Place: TElok cEmpedak
PerSons inVolVed: ZAiela,GHah,Nunun,EcaH,and DaYah
PuRpose: suke-suke...
menU 1: kroPok LekoR, Sata,OtaK2,Pulut UdANg,SoTong And Udang goreNg tepOng
mEnu 2: Rojak Buah,Rojak Sotong
ComMEnt:nak dipendekan cite,mmg bes sgt Kuar ngan korang, meluangkan mse bersama2, berposing brsama2...erm bes x terkata.perot pun kenyang,wish to be there again for da last memory we are in KuanTan.Thnx girlS for everything,making the plan true.